Friday, January 25, 2008


During lunch, my friend was telling about her roommate and was laughing on the fact that she snores. I also snore. Obviously I felt bad. She was indirectly laughing at me. Since childhood I have been observing my father snoring and always thought of finding out the reasons behind the same. I thought now is the time because I myself is facing the same problem. Google-d for some information and this is just the compilation of what I found.
Last few months, I have realized that I snore. I happens sometimes during deep sleep, sometimes just after I go to bed. Most of the time its winter or my throat has some problem, whenever i snore. Normally it happens that I myself awake after some time I have been snoring and then I realize that I was snoring. I also noticed that whenever I am awake after snoring, I am sleeping on my back. I have never noticed myself getting awake due to snoring, when I am sleeping on my side. All this made sense after I read Google-d results.
Main reasons of snoring are:
  1. Throat weakness causing the throat to close during sleep
  2. Mispositioned jaw, often caused by tension in muscles
  3. Fat gathering in and around the throat (tonsil problems, may be)
  4. Obstruction in the nasal passageway
  5. Obesity
A very good article about snoring, its reasons and treatments can be found at

The reasons numbered 1 and 2 ask for sleeping at the side to prevent the tongue from blocking the throat. Thats the reason I notice myself awake after snoring when I am sleeping on my back more than when I am sleeping on my side. Reason 4 might focus on the case that during winter I notice myself snoring. Reason 5 is directly applicable to me!
Reason 1, 2 and 5 are applicable to my father as well, who snores.

As known effects of snoring can be told as restlessness, hypertension (which may lead to heart-attack in very few cases), increased day time sleep, depression. (I go through almost all of these!)

A huge and useful information can also be found at my favorite wikipedia..

As said in Hindu article, Snoring is no longer a laughing matter. It may lead to serious disease.

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